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We purchased your split orders plugin, and it’s working great. We’d like, 2 additional features:
1. Be able to have the parent order auto-switch to a new status when the child orders are created.
2. We’d like to be able to split by product attribute (or some other way of identifying a product) so that 2 products from the same warehouse can go on one order, while products from another warehouse can go on a different order, at the time the split happens.

This plugin:
– https://wordpress.org/plugins/split-order-for-woocommerce/#description Says that it will do that, but installing that one crashed our site.

Would you be able to make it so that your plugin can split orders by product attribute or another characteristic that we could apply to the products?

We’d be happy to pay the cost of the customization… (depending on cost of course)

Thank you!

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