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I use polylang for translation of my website but i have issue concerning translation because it is not possible to change the words i put into Product Open Pricing Options when i change the langage of the website !

There are explanation on the website of polylang, i know how to introduce these recommandations in the plugin for myself but if you update with this change, it could be a better way for all of us !

There are 3 ways to include strings in the list table, please refer to the documentation for the developpers: ‘pll_register_string’, wpml compatibility mode, wpml-config.xml.

Strings translation

Thanks !


  1. Hi, i have the same problem but with WPML, i can’t translate in French this : “Please select file to upload” en “Upload” button.

    I translated these 2 word strings with WPML and the French translations do not appear.

    Can you help me ?


    1. What do you mean “still” not working?? We have never promised this feature!

      The request is open and if it gets a lot of votes we’ll consider it. Until then, we make no promises.

      All our plugins are translatable the normal WordPress way, using .po/.mo files. You can use LocoTranslate, PoEdit, etc.

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