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1) Split order based on vendor: If customer place an order from different vendor in a single order, it is really important for admin to treat them (update order status) by vendor.
Case: Customer ordered from vendor A: x,y and z product, vendor B: e,f product and vendor C: k,l,m,n products. Now split them as bellow : Sub order Vendor A –
1) x
2) y
3) z
Sub order Vendor B –
1) e
2) f
Sub order Vendor C –
1) k
2) l
3) m
4) n

2) Show each sub order status individually with ”preview button” and ” quick status update button” in the woocommerce order listing page like the main order so that admin can see the suborder status without going inside. Pretty handy.

3) Show sub order id beside vendor name with ”sub order status” in main order.

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