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The most logical thing would if it always grabs the primary category defined on the product.

I.e. product a is under the main category “fruits” and the secondary category “apples”. The category suffix should be based on “fruits” always.


  1. I don’t understand this request since there is no such thing as a “primary category” in WordPress or WooCommerce. There are just categories. Are you perhaps using some particular plugin or theme that modifies the default category behavior?

    1. Yoast SEO, it adds a feature to set a sub-category as primary.

      Ie. Main category: fruits, sub-category: apples. So you could pick either of those to be your main category on the product page.

      They belong to the same category and would have the same SKU series, not different ones as they are both fruits. That’s what I want.

      1. Thanks for this information. I will look into Yoast SEO and how they handle categories, and see if we can integrate with that.

  2. Yes please! As it is now, I need to use the same category prefix for the main categories and subcategories and that creates duplicates which is annoying and makes the plugin unusable for me.

  3. This feature was added in version 1.5.0. To use it, enable the option “Use Yoast primary categories” under WooCommerce Settings / SKU / Categories.

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