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I would love to have an option to use the attributes on a variation as part of the sku number. That’s what I’ve been doing manually and this feature would help me keep my generated skus closer to my original format.

So a Large Blue T-Shirt would have:


  1. Same here.

    More specifically, include an attribute map to generate unique SKU’s for products with attribute variations as per below.

    For example, a mens shirt with attribute size (S, M. L, XL) and colour (blue, red, green) would generate SKU’s such as, for same shirt:
    – MS-22-M-R = mens shirt, medium, red.
    – MS-22-L-B = mens shirt, large, blue.

    A map would be better than the full attribute text for obvious reasons (ie keeping SKU length concise).

    This would be most useful and worth the upgrade to premium. Cheers.

  2. This is done and will be released in the next update (at least according to the original request, i.e. using the full attribute names…. @Neo’s idea using abbreviated ones would require some additional changes which I can’t promise at this point…)

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